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 A Fun And Memorable Party For You And Your Squad! 


Learn The Art And Power Of  Pole Dance Fitness!


Schedule A

Semi Or Private Lesson 

Experience a fun, exciting way to exercise while dancing!

Leave class with friendship, confidence, and increased self-love!!


Welcome to ATX Pole Fitness

We offer a variety of

Pole Dance & Fitness Classes


Every class focuses on the 

fundamental skills needed to continuously improve technique

& increase body awareness 

in order for students to safely advance while 

Pole Dancing.

 We know that walking

through the door

can feel like the hardest part 


where the heck do you start?


---> Intro to Pole Class <---


 Have fun learning beginner pole spins, basic walks, transitional movements,

body rolls & poses!

End class with a routine

of everything taught.



watch yourself

become stronger

mentally and physically,

increasing range of motion, stamina and balance, 

all in a

supportive & encouraging enviroment! 

You Got This!

We don’t just teach Pole Dance,
we teach you 
how to connect with your Body!
and how to make each movement
flow together like water!

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