Meet The Team

Stacy Bishop

Founder & Instructor





Stacy fell in love with Pole Fitness in 2010 and immediately became hooked. Pole. She always struggled with sticking to a workout regimen and pole fitness has changed that. Now she loves teaching Pole Fitness to anyone.  She enjoys teaching beginner to advanced levels. Stacy believes pole dancing to be a true sport and art that allows one to let loose and have fun while working out.  Stacy enjoys hanging at the lake with her husband, two sons, and a margarita. 

2012 Miss Galveston Bay Pole Championship - 1s    Fitness 1st Place Winner

2012 Miss Texas Pole Star Fitness Finalist

2012 COTAC Doubles Crowd Pleaser Award

2013 Southern Pole Championships Level 3  Runner up

2013 Miss Galveston Bay Pole - Professional 1st Place    

2013 Miss Texas Pole Star Doubles Finalist

2014 Doubles Champion - COTAC

2014 Partners Pole Runner Up - Miss Texas Pole Star

2016 Miss Pole Dance America - Doubles Finalist.


BUTI Certified Instructor​

ElevatED Teacher Certified

Flow Movement Pole Flow 

Dez Raven 

Studio Manager & Instructor 





After 10+ years of pole dancing and 7+ years of teaching, Dez is still as fiercely in love with the inspiring and empowering movement as when she first began. Aside from the incredible wellness benefits, Dez very much values the emotional, mental, and spiritual transformations that pole, flexibility, and free dance cultivate. Dez is proficient in all levels of pole fitness, choreography + musicality development, mat flow, and flexibility training. Aside from teaching and training, she enjoys performing in local shows, tarot reading, slowing down, and a delicious cup of cold brew coffee.

Felix Cane + OC Pole Fitness Certified Instructor

XPERT Pole Fitness Certified Instructor

BUTI Yoga Levels 1 & 2 Certified Instructor 

2013 MTPS Ultimate Division Finalist

2014 COTAC Partner Pole Champion

2014 MTPS Partner Pole Runner Up

2015 PSO SW Dramatic Level 4 Runner Up

2016 MPDA Partner Pole Finalist

2017 PSO SW Dramatic Level 4 Champion

2017 Melee Freestyle Division Champion

Lindsey Dement 


Lindsey started pole dancing in 2011 and immediately took the pole scene by storm. Lindsey is an X-Pert Certified Pole Instructor known for her positive attitude. Her goal is to make the studio a fun, safe, and encouraging environment. Lindsey has a unique ability to taylor her teaching style to all levels from the beginner learning their first spin to an advanced trixter. Her classes are guaranteed to be a fun and challenging experience!


XPert Pole Certified

2011 Miss Texas Pole Star Fitness Winner 

2012 Miss Texas Pole Star Miss Sexy 

2012 Miss Texas Pole Star Runner Up 

2014 Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma Winner 

2014 Capital of Texas Artistic Professional Winner

Jessica Marie 


Jessica took her first pole class in 2011 and has been in love ever since. Pole fitness has completely revolutionized Jessica's life, making her a happier, healthier, more creative person. Jessica views pole dancing as a therapy, a form of self-care, and a means of empowerment. She hopes to share her passion for dance with others through her classes and help participants discover their sexier side.


XPERT Pole Fitness Certified

Megan took her first pole class at ATX Pole Fitness in 2014, and has been in love ever since. She is now an ElevatED Certified Pole Instructor trained by Michelle Stanek, and has been training hard at ATX Pole with all instructors for over two years. Feeling a little lost after college, pole dancing and the amazing community transformed Megan's body, mind and soul. Pole brought health, creativity, performance, and passion back into her life. She enjoys challenging and motivating her beginner students, expanding their creativity, and showing them their incredible strength. Megan loves to focus on building strength, technique, and flow.

ElevatED Teacher Certified

Erin Jayne took her first pole class in 2012 and very quickly knew she wanted to be an instructor.  Her first two instructors (shoutout to Lindsey Dement and Brynn Route!) inspired her through their patience, encouragement, and love. In 2013 Erin became XPert certified and began teaching in Austin, Texas.  She then found her home at ATX Pole Fitness in 2014 and has been grateful to be a part of such a talented and kind group of students and instructors ever since.  She  has returned to us from her Denver voyage and is now back in Austin and thrilled to be reunited with her ATX Pole Fitness family!!  Erin spends the majority of her time teaching pole, flexibility, and Pilates classes and doing hair in Austin, but also makes regular trips to Denver and is still actively involved at Tease.  


Pilates Mat certified

XPERT Pole certified,

ACE Group Fitness Instructor certified

 ElevatED Flexibility certified 

Megan Vestal 


Erin Jayne


Veronika Lynn




Veronika has a background in contemporary, lyrical, jazz, ballet, and modern dance. In 2014, while looking for something new to re-light her love for dance, she discovered pole. She believes pole dance is the perfect balance of athleticism and artistry. She is grateful for the friendships she’s made at the studio and is excited to continue sharing her love for dance and pole with every person who walks through the studio doors. 

XPERT Certified 
Liquid Motion Certified

1st Place PSO Southwest L1 Dramatic 2015
1st Place PSO Southwest L3 Dramatic 2016

Kristen discovered pole in 2011, but didn't know she would also unveil her true strength and passion. With a background in sports and a degree in fitness, Kristen focuses on form and muscle activation in every move. In her classes you can expect to let loose, have a laugh, and booty shake to your heart's desire. Whatever your goals may be, she will coach you and cheer you on. Kristen hopes to introduce many more people to the sport that unleashes power and confidence from within each one of us. 

XPERT Pole Fitness Certified

Miss Texas Pole Star 2013 Miss Flexy