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How Do I Sign Up For A Scheduled Class?

Download the Atx Pole Fitness App. Create an account. Sign up for your first scheduled class here

What Should I expect For My Pole Class?

Cheers to you!!

You scheduled your first Pole Dancing class, about to walk through the our doors, and have a mixture of excitement and nervousness! Dance in a new and explorative way!

More importantly - Don't worry about nailing everything the first time, like anything new you will build and progress! 

Intro to Pole will teach you Pole Spins, Floorwork, Transitions, with a cardio warm up building strength and flexibility. At the end of class put together your new Pole Dance in a routine!

No Shoes required. Dress comfortably; skin contact will be required as you advance in your Pole journey.

What Should I Wear To Class?


Anything that makes you feel comfortable!

Tank Top, Sports Bra, Baggy-T, Leggings, Shorts, etc.

We are Barefoot for the majority of our classes, unless specified otherwise.

Please read the class descriptions for any specific requirements.

As you advance you will notice skin contact will become essential for specific tricks and combos!

Are Shoes Required?


Shoes are not required.

As you advance you may find that Pleasers or foot coverage will help you have a better experience during classes such as Floorwork and Choreography classes

Read the description of every class before attending so that you are properly prepared. 

Why Is There No Sign Up Button For Class?


This means the class is at capacity with a waitlist. But Have no fear! If you are confirmed into your scheduled class from the waitlist. You will recieve a Text and Email 

Do Any Of Our Classes Share Poles?


We do not share poles in any of our classes, unless necessary. We have 13 poles in our studio!

Every Pole Class has a maximum of 11 students, and 10 students in our movement room! 

Are Masks Required?


Masks are optional and not required.

We want everyone to do what feels the safest for them through these unprecedented times! 

I Am Running 5 minutes Late!

Everyone runs behind from time to time, so we ask that you plan ahead for traffic and the general just in case life purposes.

See our Late Policy Here.


I Am Unable To Attend Class!

We understand that life happens!

See all our Policies of class cancellations here.

Where Should I Park?


Free parking is available in the parking lot behind the studio.

One Zone is designated as a loading Zone and it will indicate No-Parking, or you will be towed. 

May My Children, Family or Friend Sit In The Lobby During Classes?


We are an 18+ establishment.

We do not allow children in the lobby during classes.

We also do not allow spectactors during any class for the privacy of all our students.  

May I Record Or Take Pictures During Class?


We love watching your progress however during class we want everyone to be present and engaged.

A teacher will instruct you when it is time to record during the class.

Be courteous of everyone around you and ensure that you are only recording yourself. 

Please do not post videos to any platform that contains other poeple without their consent. 

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