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Class Descriptions

Intro To Pole

(No Experience Required)

This class teaches you the fundamentals of Pole Dancing!


Every class will begin with a cardio based warm up.

Students will learn fundamental spins and transitions on both sides.


At the end of Class we dim the lights and dance out the whole  routine to music!

We recommend taking

6-8 intro classes before signing up for Level 1. 


What to Wear: 

Anything you can move comfortably in:

Baggy- T, Tank Top, Sports Bra, Leggings/capris, Shorts.

We will be barefoot. 


What to Bring:

Yoga Mat (optional), Water Bottle. 

Pole Level 1/2

(No Requirements)

 Level 1/2 teaches variations of Spins, as seen from our Intro To Pole class and introduce aerial tricks!

Each class will have a grounded and aerial combo which may include beginner spins, climbs, thigh sits & conditioning.



Level 1/2 is welcome to any student who has taken at least 6-8 Intro to Pole classes, although there are no requirements to come in to 1/2.


What to Bring: 

Water Bottle. Yoga Mat or Knee Pads. 


What to Wear: 

Anything that makes you feel comfortable and can dance in. T-shirt, sports bra, shorts, leggings. 


Spin Pole

(Level 1/2+)

This class is designed for beginner students who have taken at least 6-8 Level 1/2 classes and feel comfortable climbing.


In this class will be focusing on beginner spins and upright aerial tricks with our pole on "spin mode".

Once students learn each spin or trick we piece them all together in a combo.


We recommend taking 6-8 of our Basic Level 1 classes before attending this Spin Pole class, to ensure you have general working knowledge of terminology and correct body positioning.


It's also highly recommended that you feel comfortable climbing before attended this class.


What to Wear:

 Leggings. Capris. Gym Shorts. Pole Shorts. Baggy T. Tank Top. Sports Bra. Etc


What to Bring: 

Water Bottle. Yoga Mat 

Sequenced Tricks In Heels

(Pole Level 2/3+)

Students will begin with a fun grounded combo to work their way up the pole into aerial tricks all done in your heels!

The routine will not be taught to any specific songs. However, the last ten minutes of class students are given the chance to freestyle the sequence with different styles of music.

*Please Note:

The Instructor may use Spin Pole in any sequence.

What to Wear:

 Anything that makes you feel comfortable. Bring shorts for optimum experience as you will be climbing and learning upright tricks.

What to Bring: 

Water Bottle. Knee Pads. Foot Coverage or Pleasers. Yoga Mat.

Hip Hop 

(All Levels)

Whether you’re looking to pick up a few moves, get some exercise, meet new people or just have a lot of fun, we’ve got it all here for you!



Each class begins with a full body warm-up, then moves into learning a choreographed routine!


Each class will allow you to develop your own personal dance style all while mastering the fundamental basics in Hip Hop technique and rhythm.



What to Wear:

Anything that makes you comfortable and are able to dance and stretch in.


What to Bring:

Water Bottle, Dance Shoes or Tennis Shoes.


Please do not wear everyday street wear shoes, as we strive to keep the floors clean for all students. 

Beginner Heels Choreo

(Intro Level)

Are you taking Intro to Pole Dance Classes?
Curious about learning how to incorporate your new found skills while wearing Pleasers?? 

Then this class is for you!

Learn a routine that teaches students how to walk, glide, slink, clack and feel confident in your sexy Heels.

Tap into your sexy side and let loose! 

We suggest beginning in 7" pleasers; a boot or anything with ankle support. 

What to Wear:

Pleasers & Knee Coverage (required).Sports bra, tank top, baggy T-shirt, shorts, leggings, capris, etc

What to Bring:

Pleasers. Knee pads. Yoga mat. Water bottle.

Pole Level 2/3

(Assessment Test Required)

 This class is designed to build upon the fundamentals learned from Intro to Pole and Pole Level 1/2.


Students will learn more advanced spins, different climbing techniques, grounded & Aerial tricks (with variations & modifications thereof), and begin learning Inversions!


What to Wear:

Leggings/Joggers, Capris/shorts.

Pole shorts. Sports Bra, Baggy T, Tank Top, etc


What to Bring:

Water Bottle. Yoga Mat. Knee Pads. 

Low Flow

(Pole Level 1/2+)

In this class students will learn a choreogreaphed routine. Routines will include Floorwork, Spins (learned from both Intro and Pole 1/2) with transitions in between.


This class is a two week series, meaning you will learn a routine for two weeks and then a new routine the following two weeks. 



Must have attended at least 6-8 Pole Level 1/2 to attend this class. 



Foot coverage of any kind is required so you are able to slide and get the most out if your dance experience.

Don't have pleasers? Socks are perfect! 



What to Wear: 

Anything that makes you comfortable to dance and slide around on the floor. 


What to Bring:

Knee Pads. Socks or Pleasers. Water Bottle. 

Pole Conditioning 

(All Levels)

After a cardio warmup, each student will be given various exercises utilizing the pole.


This class is not about how many times you can do the exercise, but how to properly execute each move with technique and proper form!


Improve your balance, stamina & build your strength to help with climbing, legs hangs, inverts & more!



What to Wear: 

Leggings With Pole Bottoms Underneath. Sports Bra. Tank Top. Baggy-T.

You may need skin contact for certian exercises.  


What to Bring: 

Mat. Water Bottle. 


(All Levels)

Need some cardio explosion in your life?

Then this class is for you! 


Starting with a warm-up we raise our heart rates and raise the roof! 

This an all levels friendly class, we will learn a routine as we strut our stuff, werk, twerk and glisten till we finish our dance in the hour! 


Please Note: 

Floor work can be included **knee pads required** 


What to Bring: 

Water bottle and kneepads


What to Wear: 

Loose fitting booty shorts, sports bra, comfy T, crop top, etc


(All Levels)

 This class is ideal for anyone looking to improve posture, increase mobility, and strengthen the  muscles!

Begin with conditioning drills to warm the body and move into a series of  full body active & passive stretches.


Every class offers 

modifications and adjustments where needed.


What to Wear: 

Leggings, Capris, Gym shorts, Tank Top, T-shirt, Sports Bra, etc


What to Bring:

Yoga Mat. Water Bottle.

Pole Level 3/4

(Assessment Test Required)

In this class students will learn ground based and aerial pole combinations on spin and static pole. Skills learned include inside/outside leg hang, shoulder mount preps, and aerial inverts. We will string tricks together to build our stamina and cardio while in the air! 


What to Wear:

Any that makes you feel comfortable to dance and stretch in.


What to Bring:

Water Bottle. Yoga Mat (Optional)

Exo Heels Choreo 

(Pole Level 1/2+)

Learn a soft, yet fluid liquid motion around the pole such as fan kicks, grip switches, pole technique combined with spins and floorwork while learning a routine.

We will focus on sensual, dynamic movements while challenging the ordinary ways our bodies are used to moving.

What to Bring:

 Knee Pads. Water bottle. Foot Coverage; Socks or Pleasers. Yoga Mat (optional)

What to Wear: Knee Pads. Leggings. Foot Coverage.


To optomize your experience for this particular class, 8 inch Boots are recommended as it will help with proper technique, but not required.

Sultry FloorFlow 

(All Levels)

This all-levels class is dedicated to the exploration of fluid floorwork. 


Expect to learn rolls and easy-to-follow progressive combinations. Every class includes guided creative movement exercises to help you find your flow. 


What to Wear: 

Pants, Socks or Legwarmers, T-shirt or anything that covers your shoulders. Heels optional.


Many movements will require pivoting and sliding; less skin contact with the floor the better. 


What to Bring: 

Knee Pads. Water Bottle. Yoga Mat. 

Chair Tease

(All Levels)

Learn a sexy routine, while exploring the art of Chair Dancing!


This is a choreography-based class, where students will learn how to move smoothly and gracefully around the chair, use the chair as a prop, and incorporate floorwork where necessary. 


Learn a New Choreo bi-weekly. 


What to Wear: 

Anything that makes you feel comfortable danicng in; Sports Bra, Tank Top, Baggy T, Leg Warmers, Shorts, etc


What to Bring: 

Foot Coverage, Heels Or Socks.

Knee Pads. Water Bottle. 

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